Christmas is coming

The Harrods christmas advert is due for release by the end of today, with teasers appearing across social media yesterday. With just a little over 7 weeks until Christmas, I’m sure many of us are starting to think about upcoming events, gifts for loved ones and enjoying lots of festive food and drink.

Whether for you, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, or whether it about time with family and friends, some well deserved rest or evaluating the last year and looking ahead to the next, for many people it is none of these things.

Christmas can be a hard time for many. This may be because they are facing life-changing issues, living in war-torn countries, are homeless, unwell or alone at Christmas. It may also be because being around family also brings up difficult thoughts or feelings, or the absence of family resulting in the same.

During these difficult times, people may struggle alone with many contemplating ending their life. Additionally, many others can accidentally end their lives whilst not taking care of themselves.

On average, this period appears to have produced an additional 2,481 deaths each year for the past decade or so. The data shows deaths building to a peak around New Year’s Day. By Christmas Eve, an average of 1,682 people are dying each day – a rise of about 10% on early December. This climbs to 1,766 on New Year’s Day.

Source: NHS Choices website


The NHS have produced information regarding keeping safe during the festive period. This can be accessed at:

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties on the approach to Christmas, please consider seeking help through the many agencies available, speaking to a trusted friend or family member or speaking to your GP or a counselling professional.



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